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SILHOUETTE dining chair

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SILHOUETTE dining chair

Silhouette is a surreal reminiscence of a woman’s sensual curves that arise designed in an eye catching dining chair.

The representation of several realities seen simultaneously from a single point of view has become fascinating for several 20th century artists like Paul Klee who drawn musicians and fragments of their musical instruments as an integral part of their own bodies.

The joint dimension of people and objects strongly influenced the SILHOUETTE dining chair, whose elegant wooden structure uncovers parts of a woman’s body who sits on it. The slightly curved seat draws an inviting smile that harmonizes with the structure, revealing the movement of the hips, as parts of a female body.

Silhouette shows contours of a mysterious profile and presents the observer with feminine sensuality. This unique dining chair is a hand-made piece produced with high quality standards, specially designed for both classic and contemporary residential, restaurant and hospitality dining spaces.


Height. 87 cm | 34,25’’
Width. 46 cm | 18,11’’
Depth. 53 cm | 20,87’’

Seat Height. 48 cm | 18,89"

Product details
Wood structure with translucent dark brown in high gloss varnish.

InsidherLand Darli Ref. 1 COM: 1m | 39,37″
(Standard width 140 cm | 55″)


Product options
Lacquered in any Ral Classic color.

InsidherLand fabrics or client fabric. Handmade in Portugal. Custom sizes and other finishes are available under request.


Production time after ordering: 8 weeks
Plus duration of delivery via furniture carrier: approx. 1 week
The cost of delivery varies depending on the destination.