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The family company EDZARD was founded in 1975 by Friedrich Edzard in Bremen and dealt exclusively with the trade in silverware. In 1993 Conrad Edzard started designing his own products.

Today, Felix Edzard is the third generation to manage the fortunes of the company, which has established itself throughout Germany and Europe as an expert in silver, stainless steel and glassware.

Products from EDZARD combine premium quality with unique shine. Many products are handmade and unmistakably unique.

Eisch stands internationally for first-class glassmaking craftsmanship. The Eisch family has been active in the glass trade for more than 300 years. In 1946, master engraver Valentin Eisch and his wife Therese founded their own finishing company, and in 1952 their own glassworks in Frauenau, Bavaria.

The glassworks is still completely family-owned and is run with great passion by Julia Eisch and Eberhard Eisch in the third generation. Together with Florian Eichinger (4th generation, son of Julia Eisch) they develop the company into a modern and innovative glass manufacturer.

The Bavarian Forest serves as an important raw material supplier for the quartz sand required for glass melting and for the beech wood from which the glass-blowing molds for the most artistic creations are made. The forest and nature serve as models for the colours, shapes and designs of the unmistakable Eisch glass culture.

In the hot glass furnaces, the melt is processed, blown and shaped by gifted craftsmen in the traditional manner. The subsequent refinement of the products with engraving, grinding, painting and sandblasting has a long history in the glassworks. But modern, automated processes are also used to manufacture a wide range of high-quality products: from elegant drinking glass series to artistic one-offs.

With the SensisPlus glasses, Eisch achieved a milestone in the creation of wine glasses. The wine develops an unexpected variety of aromas, which caused enthusiasm and astonishment among sommeliers around the world. Eberhard Eisch describes his experience with the SensisPlus glasses as follows: "With this glass I can look into the future of wine!" Eisch is also successful on foreign markets.

Fink Living was founded in 1984 by Henry R.W. Fink in Düsseldorf/Hilden, who designed and produced the complete design of his range of chandeliers, home accessories, tableware and objects himself.

A subsidiary of the Gilde Group since 2000, the company headquarters are relocated from Düsseldorf to Bochholt in 2001. 2005 Henry R.W. Fink out due to age, but remains on hand to advise on the design.

In the years that followed, the range was expanded to include glassware, furniture, CARLO outdoor furniture and lights.With its high-quality home accessories, gifts and furniture, Fink has established itself as a leading interior brand.

All pieces are designed by Fink's own designers and exclusively handcrafted with loving attention to detail in traditional manufactories.