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IONIC center table rectangular Ebony Limed Oak

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The IONIC center table rectangular Ebony Limed Oak by INSIDHERLAND is based in one of the three orders of classical architecture developed at the ancient Greek temples named Ionic. Contrary to the Doric, the oldest and most massive order, the columns of Ionic and Corinthian orders were composed by three elements: base, shaft and capital. Being symbols of worship, as centuries passed by, many of the impressive temples were destroyed or simply collapsed.

The remains of Ionic temples with their beautiful surviving columns motivated the creation of the Ionic center tables, each one with tripartite columns missing one of its elements. This approach of an incomplete Ionic column presents uniquely the non-ornamented forms of the base and capital as the missing shaft has been replaced by a modern metal structure that embraces the two separated elements.

Countering the construction process of ancient temples, the Ionic center tables have a delicate tapered design that allows less contact with the floor, in allusion to what would be the use of free modern forms in the tripartite construction of a classical temple.


Ebony limed oak top and handcrafted base in brushed brass with matt varnish.

Height: 40 cm
Width: 130 cm
Depth: 80 cm
Weight: 28 kg


Other marbles under request, wood veneers, natural, aged or degrade gold/silver/copper leaf or any Ral Classic color; finished in matt, half gloss or high gloss varnish.

Polished, brushed, oxidized brushed or aged brushed brass/copper/steel

Production time after commission: 8 weeks
Plus duration of delivery by a logistics company: about 1 week
The cost of delivery varies by destination.