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ALENTEJO side table Ebony

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ALENTEJO side table Ebony

The view over southern Portugal was the inspiration for the creation of ALENTEJO Ebony Side Table by InsideherLand, where thousands of cork trees raise their canopies to the sky. On overlapping branches, open at an obtuse angle, the canopies are separated from their supports, rising gracefully above the ground.

These typical trees seem like tables spread across the horizon.
Choosing one of the four tops available, we approach the different seasons:

Spring in a dark green lacquered,
Summer in a sunburned tone of walnut marquetry,
Autumn in an empty space of acrylic and
Winter in the white hues of Estremoz marble.

The slender base in nickel-plated cast stainless steel is the result of careful sculptural work that emphasizes the natural details. Each root touches the ground lightly, takes its own direction and disappears into the landscape like shadows.



Height. 60 cm
Width. 49 cm
Depth. 49 cm

8 kg

Top.  Ebony
Feet. Intricate cast stainless steel in matte finish.


Production time after commissioning: 6 weeks
Plus continuous delivery via Shipping: 1 week
The cost of delivery vary depending on location.