Consoles are practical storage areas in the entrance area, but also a decorative eye-catcher. deSaive deSign has MIAZZO consoles, craftsmanship from Italy, and Jansen Furniture, which have made a name for themselves through the quality, elegance and style of their classic furniture around the world.

Let yourself be inspired!

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Console LEONARDO by MIAZZO, made in Italian wild cherry, has two built-in drawers in the frame.

Width:  95 cm
Depth:  36 cm
Height: 80 cm


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LEONARDO sideboard

The LEONARDO sideboard by the Italian furniture manufacturer MIAZZO is handcrafted from Italian wild cherries, painted black, polished by hand with shellac and provided with wiped edges.

The two-door sideboard has two drawers for cutlery and an adjustable shelf.


Width: 120 cm
Depth:   45 cm
Height:  96 cm


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Thomas Sheraton inspired Console FRIVOLE by Jansen with elegant fluted legs. The grooved front on the 3 drawers and the simple brass pulls give this console a modern twist.


Finish:    EM

Width:   175 cm
Depth:    47 cm
Height:   90 cm


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CAIRO Console

The CAIRO console in the Art Deco style of Jansen Furniture is handmade from mahogany with a special black and gold finish. The 4 drawers adorn brass handles.

Finish: Special Finish

Width: 171.0 cm
Depth:   46.0 cm
Height:  74.8 cm


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New TALE console with white marble

The elegant TALE console is the latest creation from Jansen Furniture. Handcrafted from solid mahogany, which contrasts richly with the white marble top and the brass applications on the legs.

The three drawers are decorated with oval inlays made of satin wood and simple brass handles. Brass applications form the transition from the console to the legs, which end with brass caps.


Width. 190 cm | 74.80 in
Depth.   41 cm | 16.14 in
Height.  85 cm | 33.46 in


Finish.  English mahogany (EM)
Marble. White marble


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