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VLUV PVC inner ball

19.90 €

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VLUV PVC inner ball

The seamless PVC ball, specially developed by HOCK Design for the vluv ball, is in the ball cover. He is phtalatfrei and platzfest. This PVC ball is included in every VLUV seat ball, so it does not have to be ordered separately, but serves as a replacement ball.

This stablile shell allows for more inflated inflation, allowing for a safer, tighter riding position than the more spongy PVC ball. The healthy pelvic rotation with the playful seesaws and rollers is perfectly possible. You are sitting in a healthy, warm and upright position and can be in a balanced position. The ideal strengthening for your back.

  •     Material: 100% PVC tested for harmful substances according to REACH 173
  •     without annoying circular ribs
  •     Bursting material prevents bursting
  •     particularly heavy design
  •     including accessory set
  •     Color: Metallic Black

3 sizes:
55 cm for body sizes 135 - 155 cm
65 cm for body sizes 155 - 175 cm

75 cm for body sizes 175 - 195 cm


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