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ANTIQUE floor vase

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ANTIQUE floor vase

The ANTIQUE floor vase delights lovers of the antique look. It is handmade from an innovative metal combination consisting of fiberglass and bronze pigments. Oxidation processes provide a real patina.

The floor vase is light, sturdy and suitable for outdoor, but not frost resistant. For outdoor use, a drainage must be drilled into the vessel. The material is waterproof, we recommend for the planting anyway an INLINER (plastic insert) and Styrofoam blocks for lifting the insert.


2 heights
80 cm and 120 cm

Floor vase height: 80 cm
Outside diameter:    38 cm
Inner diameter:        25 cm
Planting depth:        76 cm
Styrofoam + INLINER: 17896

Floor vase height: 120 cm
Outer diameter:         57 cm
Inner diameter:          41 cm
Planting depth:        117 cm
Styrofoam + INLINER: 18604