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AMSTERDAM 3-seater English mahogany

3,490.00 €

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AMSTERDAM 3-seater English mahogany

Inspired by Art Déco, this AMSTERDAM 3-seater English mahogany is a classic. The high-quality, modern leather imitation is traditionally capitoned, which is good for frequent use, for example in hotels or restaurants.

The indicated price refers to the imitation leather. With genuine leather, the AMSTERDAM 3-seater couch costs 7,190 Euro.

Finish. English mahogany (EM)
Material. 027B imitation leather

Width: 212 cm
Depth: 78 cm
Height: 71 cm

Matching to the 3-seater couch, there are club armchairs, 2-seater, ottoman and daybed as well as matching side tables and couches with faceted glass ESG. The tables have drawers with printing system.

Jansen: "One of the features of this series is that the furniture is traditionally upholstered, which is an elaborate craftworking process that holds different layers together, which prevents slipping of the covering and filling materials through use for years The traditional method of capitulation, which is a visible difference in the quality that is suitable for frequent use, for example in hotel lobbies or cafés. "