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AMPHORE planting vase

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AMPHORE planting vase

The AMPHORE planting vase is handmade from the innovative metal combination of fiberglass and bronze pigments. Oxidation processes provide over time for a patina that makes the vessel look very natural.

The AMPHORE planting vase is light and robust and suitable for outdoor use, but not frost resistant. The material is waterproof, but we recommend for the planting an INLINER (plastic insert).


2 heights
80 cm and 105 cm


Plant vase height: 80 cm
Outside diameter:   52 cm
Inner diameter:       35 cm
Planting depth:        63 cm
Styrofoam + INLINER: 17897

Floor vase height: 105 cm
Outer diameter:         73 cm
Inner diameter:          50 cm
Planting depth:          78 cm
Styrofoam + INLINER: 18605